I'm Robert Fuentes Jr.

And I'm Web Developer/Graphic Artist/Photographer.


I'm Robert Fuentes Jr.

And I'm

My Web designing Skill

I am self taught web developer with more than 4 years of coding experience.
Web design is my passion. I discover it to myself since I worked in my previous web developing company. Whenever I look around I interpreted things surround into a design within my thought and express it into code. Exercising my self to be more thoughtful and give more due consideration on web design approach and deliver the design before the site actually goes into development.
As part of these skill I am experienced web graphic artist layout design, clip art, font icon, photo enhancement etc. Using Adobe Creative Suite such as; Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Illustrator.
I do also photography using high quality SLR camera for any photoshoot services and for any image collection for containing websites. I am also part of Camera Club Philippines a group of people who love photography.

Skills: Photography | Web Design | Graphic Arts

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Looking for a Web designer

Are you running a small or large business and you wanted your products or services to be present online. A professional that wanna make exposure into public. Or even an organization that want your society working together by using a digital media. Who ever you are what ever you manage if your target is to array yoursel to online community then you need a website.


The Log App

The Booking App use for any ocassions such as Wedding, Meetings and others that need to record anyone's presence.

SEO Specialist

The attached document is portfoliofrom my past client ranking his website to organic search appearance.


Google Maps

A sigle page integrating google maps API with marker with search function for easily spoting landmarks.

Arts and Photography

These are my personal collection of Photography and Art Designs.

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My Skills

  • HTML :

  • CSS :

  • Javascript :

  • NodeJS :

  • PHP :

May you found interest in my following skills;

Basic web language such as; HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap. Experienced in using CMS platform like Joomla, WordPress. Currently enhancing skills in serverside language such as PHP and Nodejs. Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver). Computer Office Tools such as Microsoft Office. And bit knowledge Computer Hardware and Network repair.

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My Contact

Sta. Maria Bulcan Phils. 3022

Mobile: +63 997 591 6338

Lets get in touch. Send me a message: